P1 written exams (2016 - 2017)


Deadline to return your exam: Thursday 5 January 2017, 1pm

Where to return your exam: send it in PDF format by email to the Cogmaster

Choose one of the two papers assigned to you and prepare a written document of no more than 10 pages (everything included; aim for about 2,000 words). Write your evaluation in the style of a “Dispatch” for Current Biology or a “News and Views” for Nature Neuroscience (see "example_written" for an example). Place the work in some broader context, summarise the main findings, and provide your own critical thinking about the work, eventually by referring to other published papers on similar topics. Do not hesitate to copy figures (with references in the caption) or make your own figures if you think this could help.


P1 2016-2017  
Nom Prénom Validation Email   Ecrit-Lect Ecrit-Auth Oral-Lect Oral-Auth written on time
ANISZEWSKA Anna oui anna.aniszewska@gmail.com   jean Yin gianluigi Salinas OK  
BERGER-PERRIN Mathilde oui mathilde.berger-perrin@bbox.fr pascal Witzel jean Cichy OK  
CARRANZA Victor   rcarranza@pucp.pe  
CHABANI Emma oui emma.chabani@gmail.com   andrei Weiss pascal Cornelissen OK  
CHARDIN Camille oui camille.chardin1993@gmail.com jean Chukoskie peter von der Emde LATE  
CHOW-WING-BOM Hugo oui hugo.chowwingbom@gmail.com gianluigi Berens pascal Dekker OK  
COOPER Claire oui claire.cooper2193@gmail.com   cyril Martin jean Cichy OK  
FAVEL Thomas travail de séminaire thomasfavel@yahoo.fr  
FERRI Francesco non francesco.ferri@lkb.ens.fr  
GARRIC Clémentine oui garric.clementine@gmail.com   pascal Ban jean Cichy OK  
GODON Jean-Merwar oui jeanm.godon@gmail.com   pascal Ban peter von der Emde OK  
HEILBRON Micha oui micha.heilbron.15@ucl.ac.uk   pascal Parise jean Cichy OK  
LANGUIN-CATTOËN Olivier oui olivier.languin—cattoen@ens.fr  
LEE John oui jong.lee@agroparistech.fr   cyril Martin jean Cichy OK  
MARTIN Alice oui alice.mona.martin@outlook.fr  
NOBLINS Gérard non gerard.noblins@gmail.com  
ROGER Matthieu oui mdmroger@gmail.com   peter Clark jean Troncoso OK  
SABRI Oussama oui ou.sabri@outlook.com   jean Chukoskie gianluigi Salinas OK  
SIMAVONIAN Lola oui lola.simavonian@gmail.com  
TODOROVIC Snezana non snezana.todorovic.1033@gmail.com  
WOLPERT Nicolai oui nicolai.wolpert@ens.fr   peter Priebe pascal Dekker OK  


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